Review #11: Pyre at the Eyreholme Trust

Pyre at the Eyreholme Trust by Lin Darrow


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Published on 04 July 2018

I received a complementary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Eli Coello is an unregistered inkman, which means that they have the power to control ink, and that they are keeping said power from the authorities. You see, in Temperance City, magic is accepted so long as it abides by the law, but Eli’s affinity for ink causes them to break the law multiple times a day. Despite their daily felonies, however, Eli has chosen to live a simple life and stay out of trouble, and took up a quiet job as a jewellery seller. But this is all about to change when Eli meets Duke Haven, a member of the Pyre gang (whose members have an affinity for fire) and Duke convinces Eli to help him pull of a heist at a renowned casino.

If I had to describe this book in one word it would be: complex. Once again, this is a really short book and I feel like there is so much to it that the story would have better fitted into a longer format. I can see that the author has created this incredibly complex world of magic, and there are so many characters and storylines going on that it gets a bit confusing. It is definitely an action-packed book, but I think the story could have done with more chapters, giving the reader a respite and a chance to take in everything that is happening. I felt myself losing the plot a good few times and that is because the action never stops and everything goes really fast. I really wished it was a longer book, and that the author had gone into more details regarding certain situations.

Apart from this though, it is a very interesting and original story, nothing like I’ve ever read before. The intrigue is well constructed, and it will grasp you until the end, where the author executed a beautiful and unexpected plot twist, and I do love a plot twist when I don’t see it coming!

I should also mention that this is another LGBT+ book! The main character, Eli, is a jewellery seller by day and a drag queen in their spare time, and they are genderfluid while Duke Haven is pansexual. I absolutely love this. How refreshing to have characters that are not just at one end or the other of the spectrum. Because it’s not just about having gay/lesbian characters, there are so many more genders and sexualities around and all of them deserve and need representation! I was so very pleased to find these characters that do not conform to heteronormative standards!

Both this book and the one I reviewed last week (The Lady and the Thief) were published by Less Than Three Press, a publishing company that specialises in LGBT+ material. So if this is right up your street, make sure to check them out! I for sure know that I will go back to them often 🙂

I highly recommend this book if you like fantasy and action-packed novels, my only criticism remaining that I wish the book had been longer to give the story a chance of being explored further.

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