Review #10: The Lady and the Thief

The Lady and the Thief by Megan Derr


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Published on June 27th 2018

I received a complementary copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

In The Lady and the Thief we meet Adeline, a young noble lady living at her aunt and uncle’s after they took her under their wing when her parents died. Adeline is a fierce young lady with a secret: she is in love with one of her maids. As Adeline’s love for Lisette grows, she starts planning their escape, dreaming of a future where they could both live together, as equals, unrestrained by society’s standards. But the very next day, Adeline wakes up to find Lisette gone… and with her, all of the family’s silver and jewellery. When two years later, Adeline stumbles upon Lisette at a ball, she is faced with a multitude of questions: why did Lisette leave? why did she steal? Was their love even real? Adeline will soon find out that Lisette is playing a dangerous game and she should better stay out of it… but will she?

How refreshing to read a book featuring LGBT+ characters! I’ll be honest, I don’t stumble upon LGBT+ storylines very often and there is a serious lack of it in literature, so this was a little gem in itself, just for that reason.

I loved the fact that, in this specific historical setting, sexual orientation is not a divide. It is accepted and people are free to marry someone of the same sex if they so desire. The only prejudice in this case is the matter of class; hence why Adeline and Lisette’s love is so forbidden, not because they are both women, but because one of them was born in the nobility while the other one is a servant.

It is an interesting story with its parts of intrigue and young love. Because of her love for Lisette, Adeline gets tangled into situations that are beyond her control. She becomes an unaware pawn in the game played by her relatives and guardians.

I liked the fact that this book is mainly female fronted, and all the female characters in it are strong and powerful women who take matters into their own hands rather than expecting men to take charge.

The book is however really really short and only took me a couple of days to finish, and because of this, I felt a bit un-satiated. It felt more like a short story than an actual book, and it felt a bit rushed. I would have loved for all of the storylines to be expanded further into a longer book.

The Lady and the Thief is book number 5 in the ‘Deceived’ series, but it can be read as a stand-alone book.

If historical fiction and LGBT+ storylines are your cup of tea, then don’t hesitate to check it out, aswell as the rest of Megan Derr’s work, as most of her books are LGBT+. She has written an extensive collection of stories, so there is plenty for you to get lost into!

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