Review #8: Captive Rebel

Captive Rebel by Erin McDermott

Ebook, 169 pages

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I received a complementary copy of this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Captive Rebel is the first book in The Allegiance series (or rather the first prequel, as there is a second prequel after this one).

In Captive Rebel, we meet Marylyn O’Conner, a teenage rebel who has spent the last few years spying on the enemy camp, the Allegiant, by infiltrating the Allegiant King’s castle and working there as a servant. Marylyn was assigned this mission after her brother betrayed the rebels, and this is her chance to finally clear her family’s name and be reunited with her parents. Unfortunately, the arrival of the Allegiant Prince Ariston, who had been kept prisoner by the rebels for the last decade and has suddenly been released, will put a spanner in the works of Marylyn’s mission.

This book was very enjoyable to read and I did like it. As you know by now, historical fiction is right up my street so I knew I would enjoy it.

However, I did notice some discrepancies, the main one being the presence of anachronisms. While the time period over which the story spans is never clearly stated, the fact that the characters are Kings and Princes and live in castles seems to set it back quite far into history. However, the Royal Palace has electricity and Marylyn has a necklace of the Statue of Liberty which would mean the story would have to be set in at least the 19th century. Another thing that tickled me is the choice of characters names. Some characters are called Orion, Ariston and Deimos (very Game of Thrones-y) and then there is… Mike. A bit inconsistent in my opinion.

Captive Rebel is a typical star-crossed lovers/damsel in distress type of tale (which reminded me of Romeo and Juliet) and while it hurts the feminist in me to say this, I still found the story pretty enjoyable. I mean, when you are a fan of historical fiction you kind have to leave your feminist ideals out the door the time of a book, if you don’t want your ego bruised, ha.

The fact that the book is so small (only 169 pages!) makes it the perfect bite-size read. And even though I have got a reading list longer than my arm at the moment, I will make sure to check out the rest of the series as soon as I get the chance. It does leave you eager to know more, and I would like to see where the rest of the story is going.

Let me know in the comments if this is a book that would interest you, and what is your favourite genre!

6 thoughts on “Review #8: Captive Rebel

  1. This book definitely interests me. My favourite genre is high fantasy, and i’ve been wanting to get more into historical fiction lately 🙂


  2. Could it be an alternate timeline… Possibly in the future? I mean even now we have people naming their children Apple, Vulcan, Gandalf (nit even kidding about these, by the way) and then people who name their kids John and Susan…. It’s a wacky world, so maybe in an alternate time and place, the same thing is happening, but we still have King’s and Prince’s? 😕 (… I’m trying here! 😉)


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